Why I'm Pro-Life

Pro-life is not just political rhetoric; it is my family’s life.

In 1989 when my mother went to the doctor for her first ultrasound during her pregnancy, an abnormality with the fetus was detected.  The doctors labeled her a “high risk pregnancy” and from that moment she visited with “high risk” obstetricians who said that the health issue that was detected with the fetus was indicative of severe abnormalities.  They advised she and my father to abort their firstborn child.  This child was me. Abortion was never an option for my parents though, and they told the doctors the same.  They are totally faith-filled people and were just as equally, scared, but confident in their “choice” to accept “whatever” the condition of their child.  I was born with a cystic kidney, leaving me with one functioning kidney, and my parents went on to have three more healthy children.

"They advised she and my father to abort their firstborn child.  This child was me."

For my whole life I have been raised to respect life at all of its stages, from beginning to end.  I grew up in the Catholic Church and attend Willow Creek Community Church, as well.  My mother has been a regular volunteer at TLC Pregnancy Services in Elgin, IL, and even organized a special bottle drive for them at my school.  My sisters and I used to fold donated diapers and baby clothing at the center. 

Imagine my mother’s surprise when our family actually tapped into the services of TLC Pregnancy Services!  My sister was unwed and confronted with an unplanned pregnancy.  She reached out to the Elgin center, where she received Christian counseling and support at our mother’s encouragement. 

Two and a half years later, Cayden James, her son and my nephew, is the highlight and joy of my family’s life.  My sister shared her testimony about TLC Pregnancy Services for a promotional video, and she has a diaper drive for them on Cayden’s birthday. 

We support and appreciate the hard work of Vivian Maly and the entire staff of TLC Pregnancy Services as they still counsel multitudes of young women in need of spiritual and material support, encouragement and Christian fellowship. 

At the other end of the spectrum, my grandmother is living with Alzheimer’s disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions.  My parents have taken care of both sets of grandparents and great grandparents, with true love and loyalty that has served as a life-long example to my siblings and me.  We truly are BETTER TOGETHER, which is where my campaign slogan originated.  Right to Life is respect of human dignity for ALL stages of life from conception to last breath. 

Pope John Paul II said it best, “A free and virtuous society….must reject practices that devalue and violate human life at any stage.”

President George W. Bush reminded us all at Pope John Paul II’s death “of our obligation to build a culture of life, in which the strong protect the weak.”

 Me and my family stand up for RIGHT TO LIFE at all of its stages, which is why we have volunteered our time regularly to Northern Illinois Food Bank, Lazarus House, Big Brothers, and various other family organizations.  I will always support legislation that puts Family First.  I am Pro Life.  We are #Better Together.

- Nic


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