Same headaches, just 32 percent costlier

Featured in Daily Herald on 7/23/2017 12:01 AM.

$1,300 -- this is the average amount Illinois families can expect to pay in extra income taxes since the House of Representatives voted to permanently raise them by 32 percent.

I was shocked to see that some of our local elected officials voted for this measure knowing it is not in the best interest of their constituents. This is not the comprehensive budget reform that our state so sorely needs.

Governor Bruce Rauner was correct to veto the bill. Lacking tangible reform only serves to fuel the fire of cyclical tax and spend structure. The hardworking residents of Wayne Township and beyond deserve better. We need state representatives who want to put in the hard work to find real solutions. For much too long the default answer in Illinois to budget problems has simply been "raise taxes." Taking $5 billion out of people's pockets without offering them something in return is bad governance and irresponsibly shortsighted.

More people are leaving Illinois than moving in. Where are the changes to property taxes, pensions, or workers' comp?

I believe that negotiating taxes while simultaneously fostering economic growth will make Illinois attractive for Millennials and future generations to raise their families and succeed. Governor Rauner is right to stand up for real economic reform. Illinois needs courageous leadership.

Blindly voting to raise taxes while ignoring many of the other looming problems is dangerous and irresponsible. If this continues, Illinois will see the same headaches we have for decades, now just 32 percent more expensive.

Nic Zito

Wayne Township Trustee



Nic Zito