Republican for Illinois State Representative | District 49

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Meet Nic

Nic is an entrepreneur, business mentor, local volunteer, technology enthusiast, proud uncle and a decent tennis player. 


Here are some of the issues locally and statewide that Nic is focused on. Share your policy concerns with us and take the survey.  

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“[Nic Zito] has exhibited dedication, energy, and integrity in serving the community. He is a breath of fresh air that the Republican Party is looking for. On March 20th Say Yes to Nic Zito.”

John J. Hoscheit

Republican Kane County Board Member

Past President Kane County Forest Preserve 

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We're better together.

I want to bring your voice to Springfield. As a Republican running to bring elected officials back in touch with the people they represent, I believe the job title is self-explanatory: a Representative must have the ability to listen to their constituents and advocate for policy which is in their best interest. I would be honored to represent you in the Capitol.  

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Take the survey

When I get to Springfield, I'll be representing every person in the 49th District. I can't represent you if I don't listen. Take this quick survey and let me know who you are, what you stand for, and what you would do if you could decide on a law. 

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Nic served as an intern in my state senate office. [...] I came to know his family and came to appreciate the conservative values they instilled in Nic. I am honored to Say Yes to Nic Zito for State Representative.”
— John Millner, Former Republican State Senator, Past President Illinois Association of Cheifs of Police



[Zito’s] efforts to attract and retain business... have been successful in stimulating the local economy and easing the burden on all tax payers.
— The Examiner, February 2017